Manic Miner Heat Changing Mug

manic miner heat changing mug


The Manic Miner Heat Changing Mug starts off as a black mug with the colorful, pixelated MANIC MINER title at the bottom.  Then, as you add your iced tea, nothing happens!  You then realize that iced tea isn’t as good as hot chocolate, and you pour your hot chocolate from tupperware into the mug.  (Don’t ask me why your hot chocolate is in tupperware – you made it.)

Right before your eyes, colorful Manic Miner scenes appear, and you are delighted!  What a joyous occasion!  But then, when you drink your warm beverage, the colors fade into the blackness.  Good thing you have more hot chocolate!  And if you run out, you can always just stick the mug in the microwave!  (Not sure if that’s a good idea, but it will make the colors show up.)

The Manic Miner Heat Changing Mug is available for $11 at the buy link below, so if you’re interested, pass GO and go directly to jail.  If you’d rather stay here with me another moment and check out some geeky mugs, feel free to hop on over to the Squirrel Coffee Cup or the World’s Largest Coffee Mug.


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