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tobasco spicy chocolate

Geeky Product #1: Tabasco Chocolate

Chocolate, a funky tin, and a bit of heat. What’s not to like? From Firebox we bring you our first of 4 geeky products of the week: Tabasco Chocolate, a party finale that will have your guests reaching for the water jug.

This is a great gift for the spice lovers in your life, and packs a punch visually too. Chilli and Chocolate has been a popular new development for chocolate lovers the world over – we don’t know why it works, it just does. Adding Tabasco to rich, dark, quality chocolate is a new twist, and one we’re liking. The cute little tin (8.7 cm x 1.4 cm) is a gem in itself – it’s officially licensed by Tabasco. Packed with chocolate segments, it’s sure to be empty in minutes.

Bring out the ‘treat with heat’!

Product Details**

Product Features:

  • Dark chocolate wedges with a hint of Tabasco
  • Officially licensed presentation tin


  • Unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), vanilla, Tabasco brand dry red flavouring (red pepper, distilled vinegar, salt)
  • May contain traces of milk protein, peanuts or nuts


  • Tin measures approximately 8.7cm(Ø) x 1.4cm(H)

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tactical canned bacon

Geeky Product #2:  Tactical Bacon

Can you imagine a post-apocalyptic world? One without electricity, mobile phones and computers, world, worst of all, without bacon? Unthinkable. That’s why some clever bacon-obsessed geek has come up with the solution to this appalling prospect. Long-life Bacon in a can. Tactical Canned Bacon – or Tac Bac – contains 18 servings, and will keep up to ten years. One to put in the back of your cupboard in case of disaster. Protein and fat will sustain you until Will Smith arrives to save the day, and if it all goes horribly wrong then at least your last meal will have been bacon.

At a tempting price of $17.99 from Think Geek, who could deny themselves a can of bacon, just in case those Mayan Prophesies come true?

Product Spec**

  • Delicious bacon, canned, so it has a 10+ year shelf life.
  • Approx. 18 servings per can (1 serving = 3 slices of bacon).
  • Net Wt.: 9oz

Bolt Interactive Laser Toy For Cats

Geeky Product #3:  Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy

Someone once said that there if there are dog people and cat people then the internet would definitely be a cat person. The internetz loves kittehs, and not just LolCatz. It loves Cats doing stuff. You’ve seen the cat on the Roomba, you’ve gone ‘Awww…’ at the cat playing with the iPad, now have your own interactive laser toy for your kitty to play with when you don’t want to move. Laser Pet Toy will play with your cat so you don’t have to!

As well as being great fun, the Pet Laser Toy is a pretty hip piece of kit. It has both automatic and manual modes, an adjustable mirror, auto cut-out, takes just 4 AA batteries (you’ll need to buy some as they’re not included) and a Class IIIa laser. Watch your cat try to catch the beam as it darts around the room. It will give him hours of fun, and hone his mousing skills. At just $19.99 from Think Geek, this is outstanding value, as well as being rather an elegant design.

Geeky Product #4:  Jelly Belly Scented iPhone Cases

Yes, really. Just when you were beginning to think that what your new iPhone case was missing was a variety of fruity aromas someone went off and invented one for you! This is a really silly idea, which is why we like it. When people try to sell mobile phones, they seldom give a moment’s thought to what you will have wafting up your nose when you use it. Now you can take control, and decide for yourself. You have a fine selection of Jelly Belly’s most popular flavours to choose from, including Green Apple, Liquorice, Blueberry, Bubblegum and Very Cherry.

This case is really for people that can’t get enough of their Jelly Beans and want the fun to just go on and on – which means just about everyone in fact. Officially endorsed by Jelly Belly you’ll enjoy smelling those delicious flavors all day, swapping cases as the mood takes you. And not only will you smell gorgeous, but your new iPhone 4/4S will be protected from bumps and scrapes too. Don’t worry,  you’ll have no trouble operating the controls through the casing. So go ahead, make your own day. Clip on a scented iPhone case.

Firebox has done it again, retailing these geeky products at just $14.99 per iPhone case.

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Thanks to Imogen for writing this geeky guest post!