Geeky Memes Of The Week #1


Since this is the first edition of Geeky Memes Of the Week, I wanted to give a quick explanation.  From now until the day I die or change my mind, there will be a weekly post on a couple of (what I think are the) funniest geeky memes of the week.  So, without further ado, here’s the memes that constitute the first edition of le memes.

geeky meme


Very true – this geeky meme poster depicts precisely how Winston Churchill was able to lead his country through the war – they didn’t have a problem huddling in the Subway tunnels when they were all having a great time!  Winston – can you play the Electric Slide again?  I didn’t get in the conga line last time.  Also, nice baggy sweat pants – you wore them before they were cool.

geeky meme


Still waiting for that special day when my Birthday goes viral.  Apparently not everyone loves the Pump It Up place as much as I do – I swear, you’ve never seen so much inflated rubber!  Also, strange looks because a bunch of grown men wanted to have a party at a place with giant inflatables.  Too bad we can’t just transport these jumpy houses to Comic-Con, because everything goes at Comic-Con.  Don’t judge, don’t be judged.  Except by the people who pretend to be psycho and actually just go there to judge you.  (You know who you are.)

geeky meme


No analysis needed – you have a Mac, you are better than everyone else.  Except, of course, those people who spent their life’s savings on AlienWare computers.  They’re still better than you.  But we can all join together and laugh at the people who run Windows, so it’s okay.  (Windows users, don’t be offended.  You know it’s true.)


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