Finger Hockey Desktop Office Game

finger hockey desktop office game


The Finger Hockey Desktop Office Game is a great way to collectively waste time with your colleagues!  Which, obviously, is a much better idea than wasting time without your colleagues, because they can’t fire everyone in the office!  In fact, get a tournament going – maybe the boss will join in and you can score a few personality points with your irresistible charm!  So, boss… how’s the wife?  “We’re getting a divorce.”  *Awkward moment*  Alright!  LET’S PLAY SOME HOCKEY!

The Finger Hockey Desktop Office Game comes with an instruction booklet, a fake ice rink, two sticks, two goals, a puck, and two goalie pads.  There’s no way that you couldn’t have fun playing this with a friend, and you can pick it up online at the buy link below for just $10!

You can even make the game more genuine by getting into fist-fights with each other and wearing hockey socks on your head.  You should also eat peanuts, because those three things are what comprise a hockey game. Yes … fights, hockey socks on your head, and peanuts …  “What about the hockey part?”  Nobody goes to see the hockey part.

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