Dog Maze Food Bowl

dog maze food bowl


The Dog Maze Food Bowl is a great way to assimilate a canine pet to your way of life.  If you’re going to own a dog, he’s going to need to follow your rules – he is residing in your house, after all.  And, as things are, all living creatures in the household are required to pass a certain level of geekiness that is dependent upon how many geeky products they own and use regularly.  Since dogs do little more than eat, sleep, and poop, the Dog Maze Food Bowl is one of the only choices that you have.

The Dog Maze Food Bowl puts the food into a swirly twirly shape that forces your dog to use his mind and neck muscles to get those delicious little kernels into his mouth.  Just follow the twirl until you get to the swirl of food!  This awesome dog accessory from Firebox is $30, and, unfortunately, it is only available to pre-order, bu you should be able to get yours soon as long as you reserve it.

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