Air Strike Catapult Office Toy Launches Foam Balls To Spite Your Enemies

Air Strike Catapult


The Air Strike Catapult Office Toy brings us back to the good old days – back when valiant men didn’t need to struggle to fit their pants on their bodies.  Back when you could win the love of a beautiful woman by slaying a lizard, back when there weren’t such stringent weapon laws.  Back to a time when knights would ride off into the sunset to kill other knights because they were in a poor economic situation and were blood-oathed to their feudal lords.  “That’s not even a thing.”  You, my friend, have obviously never lived among the people of the medieval era.

The Air Strike Catapult disappoints, because it launches spiky foam balls, which have been substituted for what the blokes of the round table would have used.  Yeah, giant metal balls will devastate a city, town, or small island, but the local 1500’s Walmart is running out of stock.  What proved to be most effective was the launching of dead bodies and cow manure, and those resources abounded.  The sieging legions exchanged raw materials – one legioned catapulted a city with dead bodies that could be easily obtained from the city that was being catapulted with the people you just decimated.

If you’re looking for more office toys, you’ll want to check out the Finger Hockey Office Game and the Desk Pets Tankbot.  If you want to buy the Air Strike Catapult, which comes with six foam balls and launches them up to 40 feet, for $15, just visit the buy link below.


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