9 LEGO Cakes That Really Stack Up

Cake is delicious any way you have it, but wouldn’t a LEGO cake just taste that much better? These 9 LEGO Cakes really stack up nicely. You’ll find all kinds of delicious cake in this list, even cake pops and cupcakes! LEGO is a hot topic of geeks today, so enjoy these awesome baked creations!

Star Wars Death Star Cross Section Cake

star wars lego cake


This Star Wars Cake seems to me to be the old Star Wars gang standing on top of a cross section of the Death Star. If anyone has any other ideas of what this scene may depict, feel free to leave a comment and enlighten me. My favorite part was when Chewbacca ripped the arm off of that Stormtrooper. You ‘member that? You ‘member it? “Yes. Go away.”

Geeky LEGO Cake Pops

lego cakes


The Lego Cake Pops look amazing, since they take the morbid appeal of heads on a stick and combine it with the childish abandon of LEGOs! Then, they add some cake BRAAAAIIIINZ and then everything is A-okay! Bite sized pieces of LEGO cake are definitely delicious, and definitively delightful.

Giant LEGO Blocks Cake

lego cake


The Giant LEGO Blocks Cake by Betty Crocker look awesome, because they show what LEGO bricks would look like in real life, and how we could make building skyscrapers so much easier. The reason they aren’t as cool as other cakes on this list, though, is because Betty calls them “Building Blocks Cakes” because she doesn’t have the guts to risk being sued by LEGO. Well, I do, so I will call them what I want. They are obviously LEGO blocks, so I will refer to them as such. (Please don’t sue me.)

Giant LEGO Wedding Cake

lego wedding cake


The Giant LEGO Wedding Cake is the real deal, folks. Three tiers of cake substance, all of it made to look like it was constructed from LEGOs. The baker of the cake was actually complaining about how heavy the cake turned out to be. That’s a sign that you have a whole ‘lotta cake, honey.

LEGO Cake Built From Small Bricks

lego brick cake


This LEGO Cake is my personal favorite. (Besides the less impressive cake pops, which I love just because cake pops are my favorite thing in the whole wide immediate vicinity.) What detail! What finesse! What artistic creativity! The cake is under construction, and, unfortunately, will be eaten by you before the little LEGO people have a chance to finish it. Then they will all be unemployed and have to build more cakes, which is good for you, because then you can eat them all too.

LEGO Stormtrooper Cake

lego cake


The LEGO Stormtrooper Cake is for those of us who are huge empire fans but also love to build with LEGOs. This is the best of both worlds: not only can we blow up entire planets, we can also build entire planets. Just blew your mind up, and then re-built it.

LEGO Batman Cake

lego cake


The LEGO Batman Cake is a replica of the most gruesome parts of Gotham City, but with Batman and his friends scattered all around the scene. This LEGO cake is complete with boarded up windows, sewer drains, water pipes, and a sign that advertises the LEGO Batman video game. Oh, yes, and that trash can which is oozing strange brown liquid. Fun to look at, but I’m not sure that this is the one I would pick to eat first.

LEGO Cupcakes

lego cake


The LEGO Cupcakes were created by Hello Naomi, and they have a couple of different types of designs on them: single blocks, LEGO heads, LEGO shirts, and LEGO pants. *Smashes cupcakes together* Look what I dun made, guys! A LEGO man! *Eats the smashed treat*

Construction Zone LEGO Cake

lego cake


The Construction Zone LEGO Cake is similar to the other cake that we saw earlier, and I’m not really sure who copied who here. Regardless of which is he original, both are creative, and both look incredibly delicious! Ladies, ladies – don’t fight, I like both of you. “Who are you?” Just another man who loves cake. *Shakes pudge*