4 Amazing Dog Gadgets For Geeky Canines

You’re a human: gadget blogs everywhere spoil you. There are plenty of options for you to geek yourself out, and hundreds of online sources to throw your money at. (Folks, I would kindly ask that you bring all money throwing to me, Jack Kieffer. It’s a job that somebody has to do, and I have bravely volunteered myself to take on the burden.) Unfortunately, your dogs don’t have it so easy – without thumbs or a substantial amount of gray matter, they find it difficult to get their own gadgets.

With these 4 Amazing Dog Gadgets, you can help out your geeky canine friend in his endeavor to become one with his geeky owner! All of these products can be purchased online, and all of them are useful gadgets that your dog would love to have / chew to bits. If nothing else, at least the thing won’t keep eating your shoes.

TreadWheel Dog Treadmill

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The TreadWheel Dog Treadmill is a dog gadget that at first may seem rather degrading – essentially, this product is a giant hamster wheel. Appearances can be deceiving, however, and it turns out that the TreadWheel is an easy solution to problems that many dog owners face every day!

The TreadWheel, created by GoPet, does not require any electricity or maintenance, so there’s no cost other than that of the contraption itself, which is PUT PRICE. Many owners who live in apartments do not have the running space that dogs require, and are faced with a dilemma that involves their dogs becoming rotund little creatures. With the TreadWheel, your dog can get all of the exercise that it needs without any of the additional space that backyards offer! It’s also great for those who live in winter wonderlands and hurricane havens.

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Healthy Pet Food Station Dog Gadget

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Are you tired of having to fill up your dog’s food bowl every morning and every evening? The Healthy Pet Food Station is a dog gadget that saves you time and energy that you could be spending catering to your other pain-in-your-rump pets. Instead of feeding the forever-creating-messes-of-fecal-matter parakeets, you’re busy filling up your dog’s food bowl and making sure that he doesn’t break into the cabinet and make off with your secret food supply.

The Healthy Pet Food Station, which is $30,┬áhas a built-in timer and food distributor: the right amount of food will come out at the right time. Your dog won’t become fat, your dog won’t die of hunger, and you won’t have to do anything. Sunday morning, afternoon, and evening football with a side of Puffy Cheetos, please. “What about the parakeets?” They are no longer with us.

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PetPeek Dog Gadget

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The PetPeek Dog Gadget gives dogs the opportunity to look upon the world from a closed fence of safety. Your dog loves cars, but you can’t just let him run off onto Route 66. Install a PetPeek fence window, and let him have his fun and keep his body in one piece at the same time. Or just install a ton of them so Flanders next door can see you hanging out in the backyard pool with your hot girlfriend. HOW MANY DOG WINDOWS YOU GOT? “Don’t you only have cats?” Not relevant.

The PetPeek Dog Windows are just $35 each, and you can pick yours up at the buy link below. These are great for dogs who are very curious, and for those who like to watch the world move around them. Note: install the window at your dog’s height. Don’t be that guy – that moron who puts his window up high and then realizes he has a Daschund.

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Zombie Survival Pet Jacket

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Okay, I tricked you a little bit with the heading – this dog gadget is called the Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket, but it may as well be re-named the Zombie Survival Dog Jacket. (Note that this also works with cats. But I don’t like cats, so I won’t disgrace the post with their names. Or their claws, which gouge out my eyes.) If the zombie apocalypse is ever upon us, you’ll need to be ready, and your dog will need to be ready. What, you weren’t going to leave the poor guy behind, were you?

This epic jacket was fashioned from Japan Firefighting Association-certified flame-retardant material, and is lined with fireproof acrylic. Additionally, the jacket has a carrying handle on top for easily moving your dog where you want him to go in a time of emergency. (Unless he’s huge – it’s still going to be hard then, but that’s your fault for buying a massive animal.) In the pockets of the zombie survival jacket are a food bowl, muzzle, rain hood and rubber booties, freezer gel packs, bell, ID, 50ml water packs, nutrition bars, bandages, aromatic oil, first-aid gloves, a mini-radio, and a whistle.

If you can’t survive a zombie attack with all of that at your disposal, you were doomed from the start. There are 3 sizes of jacket available at Japan Trendshop, so visit the buy link below to see if your dog is going to be able to fit in one of these. Prices vary based on the size, but the smallest is around $500, so I hope you’ve been saving your pennies.

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