Made With 3D Printing: 10 Nifty and Useful Things

3D printing has received a lot of press recently and rightly so. This innovative way of designing and then printing objects means that many people may soon be able to produce 3D artwork and household items at home without the need of a third party (ie. shop). Here are some great examples of 3D printing at its best.

 1. Ball Bearings

This video shows how you can produce your own ball bearing in 18 minutes for around $1.74!

2. Topological Model

This is a model by 3D artist Stephen Tippett and shows the incredible results you can get from this form of production.

3. 3D Printed Plane

This is a great example of how 3D objects can be used in the real world. This toy sized plane has been made entirely from a 3D printer yet looks and performs as well as any other flying gadget made in a factory using traditional methods.

4. Various Examples from EuroMold 2011

This is a great video which, in a nutshell, demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the 3D printer. Zehavit Reisin, Head of Material Consumables at Objet talks through some of the new 3D printing materials released in 2011 and the effects that can be achieved with them.

5. Bicycle

This feature appeared on the BBC recently and shows technology company EADS Innovation Works attempting, successfully, to make a bicycle with a 3D printer. Admittedly the printer was industrial sized and so much bigger than one you could house at home but the concept is the same.

6. Art Made With 3D Printing

3d printer art made with 3D printing

credit: Creative Tools

This shows the level of intricacy which can be achieved from a 3D printer. The model is very detailed and a fantastic piece of artwork.

7. Statues

credit: rapido3d

This statue wouldnít look out of place at a museum or art gallery but is in fact a lowly, but very impressive, 3D powder cast. Making your own works of art has never been easier or cheaper!

8. Shoes

10 3d printed items

credit: Z Corporation

This 3D printed shoe is quite different from the typical work you would see produced from one of these printers, yet the effect is jaw dropping. This shows that with a lick of paint objects can look amazing and extremely lifelike.

9. Toothbrush Holder

credit: Euphy

This nifty little toothbrush holder shows how useful 3D printing can be. Maybe in the future we can all make our own household object without having to visit the local DIY shop or supermarket.

10. Mobile Phone Holder

credit: i.materialise

This mobile phone holder is a great example of another very useful object made and designed using 3D printing. The author of this post says, ìItís nice to print useful stuff for everyday use, especially when you designed it yourself.î


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