USB Pickle Light

usb pickle light


The USB Pickle Light is perfect for those people who live in caves and don’t have backlights on their computers.  Also, it’s a weird geeky gadget that will bring pleasure to all pickle lovers who appreciate the occasional “???” moment.  That moment where you just forget what you are, and look around for exits because you see somebody with a glowing pickle light plugged into their computer.  The only good use I can foresee for the USB Pickle Light is if you still play the GBA, like me, which does not have a backlight.  This geeky light sources is actually huge – the pickle is 17″, not your average pickle, and is one giant LED.

The USB Pickle Light costs $9, but will light up your workspace if you don’t have a lamp or light of any kind.  But, that also probably implies that you have no electricity, which implies that you won’t have a computer, which implies that you can’t stick the pickle USB into anything, which implies that you will live in darkness, which implies that you are a caveman, which implies that you could make a boatload of money by inventing the wheel.  Fellas!  We’re going back in time!  “To the seventies?”  *Facepalm*  “Because I miss the shag carpet / colorful wall paint decorum style.”  *Maintains facepalm*

If you love the Pickle Light, you’ll also love the Pickle Lip Balm!  You’re girlfriend won’t, though, because it tastes like pickles.


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