Top 14 Geeky Easter Eggs: Pokemon, Star Wars, TARDIS, And More

This list of the top 14 geeky easter eggs will give you some great eye candy, as well as some ideas for your own easter egg creations.  The best of the internet has been compiled into the list below: we have Pokemon easter eggs, Star Wars easter eggs, Mario easter eggs, and whatever else you could think of!

Geeky Pokemon Easter Eggs

geeky easter eggs


These geeky Pokemon easter eggs were created by a user by the name of Lanini on DeviantArt.  These are perfect for easter eggs – they’re the cutest little creatures that the game has to offer.  Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu are all here together in the glass bowl.  If only Pikachu wasn’t such a weak Pokemon… got to keep searching for that lightning stone.

Geeky Angry Birds Easter Eggs

geeky easter eggs


These geeky Angry Birds easter eggs are pretty awesome, but could have done with some added touches like glued on feathers or something of that nature.  It’s also too bad that they were created after the release / announcement of Angry Birds Space.  These were created by youngergirl44, who must not realize that babies are being born every second, so she lost that title a very long time ago.

Angry Birds Easter Eggs From Mumbai

geeky easter eggs


These Angry Birds easter eggs are pretty well-made – they have the add-ons I was suggesting in the above creation – and they are courtesy of the Baking Tray, a Mumbai-based baking group.

Geeky Darth Maul Easter Egg

geeky easter eggs


This Darth Maul easter egg is perfect for my readers, since we all just went and saw the Phantom Menace in 3D, and then all agreed that it was really awesome, but that somebody should have capped Jar-Jar Binks before the movie started, because he was incredibly annoying.

Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Easter Eggs

geeky star wars easter eggs


These geeky Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Star Wars easter eggs are pretty great.  What makes them even more awesome is the fact that they are offset by pink, orange, and blue eggs sitting in flower cups.  Yeah, Vader likes flowers.  You got a problem?

Strange Looking Chewbacca Easter Egg

geeky easter eggs


This is definitely the weirdest geeky easter egg that I have ever seen.  It’s not weird that someone would make a Chewbacca egg, but it’s… just too realistic, and… I’m not sure how to describe my feelings. “I see… and how does that make you feel.”  Like I’m going to HIT YOU WITH A CHAIR!!!  Why do I pay you so much money by the hour?  “You have to answer that question yourself… and how does that make you feel.”  *Hits him with a chair*

Geeky Stormtrooper Easter Eggs With Rifles

geeky easter eggs


These geeky Stormtrooper easter eggs are cute and scary at the same time – they’re carrying big guns, but they’re eggs.  So, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one.

Geeky TARDIS Easter Egg

geeky easter eggs


Someone has painted an awesome TARDIS easter egg for us to gaze at – surprisingly, this was the only TARDIS egg I could find online!  They’re pretty good at painting eggs, but not so good at taking pictures of their painted eggs.  Oh well, I guess you can’t always have everything.  Unless you’re me.

Zombie With A Hole In Its Head Easter Egg

geeky easter eggs


This is, I think, the geekiest easter egg on this list.  Not only is it an awesome regular zombie egg, but they even went through the trouble of breaking the back of the head and making the outsides look bloodied.  A plus, my friend, A plus.  ACCEPT MY A PLUS.  “Okay, okay, thanks…”  UPDATE: The Brain-Eating Zombie Pictured Above Had His Head Accidentally Cracked.

Geeky Yoshi Easter Eggs

geeky easter eggs


These geeky Yoshi easter eggs are not very complicated, but it’s cool to see someone make a bunch of different colors of the same thing – it always seems to be pleasing to the eyes.  Just like how double rainbows are twice as good as single rainbows.

Chubby Spiderman Easter Egg

geeky easter eggs


This geeky Spiderman easter egg shows what happens when the old man stops running around and starts relying solely on his web.  He gets a bit of pudge around the outsides.  And on the insides.  He turns into pudge.

Basket of Geeky Nintendo Eggs

geeky easter egg


These geeky Nintendo easter eggs bring some of my favorite video game characters into egg form.  We’ve got Donkey Kong, who is a boss, and Samus, whose head seems rather oddly shaped.  And then there’s Ness, who NOBODY likes because he’s the worst Super Mash Bros. Brawl character, and makes really annoying screaming sounds throughout the entire match, and people use him just to make their friends angry.  Yeah, you know who you are.

Geeky Futurama Easter Eggs

geeky easter eggs


These geeky Futurama easter eggs are amazing!  Bender and Dr. Zoidberg are my favorites though – the relatively attractive one-eyed girl was always too weird for me.  Too weird, folks.

Watchmen Easter Eggs

geeky easter eggs


This Watchmen easter egg is super geeky, and super awesome.  It’s not often you see the iconic blood-stained smiley face in egg form, but when you do… it’s something special.


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