Turn Your iPhone Into A First Generation iPod: Retro iPhone 4S Cases

retro iphone cases


The Retro iPhone 4S Cases are the hottest old thing for the hottest new thing that you’ll find in the oven of geeky stuff.  One of the cases looks like an early generation iPod, while the other is reminiscent of those clunky old Macs.  There is also a retro case (not pictured) that represents the earliest Mac computers.  You know, the one’s that were the disgusting beige color and said “Macintosh” with the rainbow apple?

Those were so twenty thousand years ago – just like the iPhone 3G.  “The 3G isn’t that old.”  I heard from the “hip” kids around my block that when you’re cool, things get really old really fast.  Except people – they seem to age the same regardless of whether or not they’re near the cool kids.  “You’re getting less cool.”  Do you think we should get a larger subject test group?  “I’m leaving now.”  A’right!  Hit me up on the DL, holmes!  *Puts away book of slang*

The Retro iPhone 4S Cases put a tint of culture onto your cutting-edge device, just like a bit of spice puts some substance into a food that would otherwise be very bland.  Crackers are not as cool as crackers with curry.  Bread is not as good as bread with paprika.  And so on.

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