Rainbow In My Room Nightlight


rainbow in my room nightlight


The Rainbow In My Room Nightlight is a great way to light up a dark bedroom for the mini geeks who are still afraid of the monster hiding under their bed.  How many times have we told them that the monster won’t hurt them?  We made a deal: if you scare the kid, then we stop feeding you sandwiches.

The Rainbow In My Room Nightlight shines a rainbow onto a wall, and lights up extremely bright!  You’ll need some AA batteries, or if you’re electrically savvy, an adapter cord.  Then you can just power it with your house power and then be ridiculed by all of your neighbors who leave their lights off all the time for being non-efficient when you’re compared to adjacent houses in your electrical bill.

The Rainbow In My Room Nightlight is $45, but is a super geeky night light that would be great for any child from the stages of infancy to the middle ages.  You usually have a wife to scare away the monster, but if you’re still afraid, or if you happened to marry a woman that doesn’t look like one of the Gorgons, you should pick up one of these babies.

If you like this geeky light, you should check out the USB Pickle Light and the Lite Cubes Light Up Ice Cubes.


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  1. exon

    donde compro esta lampara?????????????

    • Jack Kieffer
      Jack Kieffer11-20-2013

      You can click “BUY” link at bottom of this article (to buy Rainbow In My Room Night Light on eBay).

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