Mustache Ice Cube Tray

mustache ice cube tray


The Mustache Ice Cube Tray lets you make elegant mustache-shaped ice cubes!  No more of those old-fashioned cubist cube ice cubes – now, treat your guests with some respect and serve them the finest cooling devices in all of the land.  The tray is made of silicone, and can make up to 8 mustaches at one time!  That means it is eight times stronger than your average man, who can only grow one mustache at a time.  An added bonus: this ice cube tray can also be used for things like gelatin and chocolate, so the possibilities are endless!  Not like the possibilities I listed for the Heart Gelatin Mold – those weren’t endless.  Want to know what they were?  NO SOUP FOR YOU unless you click on that link.

The Mustache Ice Cube Tray is just $9 – cheaper than a lot of other ice trays.  If you like this geeky ice cube creator, you’ll also get a tickle tickle out of the Millenium Falcon Ice Tray and the Brain Freeze Ice Tray.


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