Gift For A Geek Girl: Car Eyelashes

The Car Eyelashes are geeky add-ons for your car and are the perfect gift for a geek girl in your life.  Even if you don’t drive the flashy BMW shown above, you’re a geek and proud – you want to stand out among a crowd.  The Car Eyelashes let you do just that – add a bit of a feminine element to any vehicle!  If you’re a guy, it’s manly because cars are supposed to be female.  (That’s just the way it is.)

If you are a lady, then this will have all of your valley girl tennis club friends waving their hands and giggling like a bunch of chimpanzees.  Which, from my experience, is a positive sign.  Oooh!  Look at that!  Write that down…  No, describe the action.

“Why are we studying valley girls?”  They’re more interesting than you might think, and more cooperative than the Komodo Dragon, which scares me to death.  Last time I ever work with giant reptiles, I’ll tell you that much.

Cheap Gift For A Geek Girl

The Car Eyelashes are geeky, and just $10!  What a great deal!  I mean, they are just pieces of plastic, but they’re big, so you feel like your getting a good deal.  Just like all of those fast food places – it’s really large, so you feel like you’re getting a ton of BANG for your buck.  The reality is, you’re eating gray matter that has been painted to look like food.  Hey – if it tastes good, why not?


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