Corn Dog Mints: Geeky Product Review

corn dog mints


The Corn Dog Mints have been provided to me by the wonderful FunSlurp, a great source for geeky products such as this!  I could just sit back here and tell you that these mints are awesome, but I have tasted these first-hand, and I can assure you that they’re everything you hope for!

Even before the tin was open, I could smell the wonderful smell of corn dogs.  I put a couple in my mouth, and was greeted with the delightful taste of corn dogs!  These mints actually taste like corn dogs!  

In addition to the collectible tin, which has a cannibal piece of meat on it, you get 100 delicious mints!  How can that piece of food be so content eating a smaller piece of food?  That MONSTER!  I’ll show him by eating all of these mints!  “How does that avenge the other smaller corn dog?”  It doesn’t, but these things taste really good.

The Corn Dog Mints are just $3, a small price to pay for some awesome carnival taste without the subpar carnival.  “DADDY DADDY LEMME GO ON THE FERRIS WHEEL!”  *Ferris wheel tips over* No, son.  I don’t trust those things.  “DADDY DADDY THEY’LL JUST FIX IT IT’S FINE!”  No, but you can have a corn dog!  *Sad child walks away*  

Do you want a sad child?  Get the Corn Dog Mints.


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