Magical Unicorn Mask

magical unicorn mask


The Magical Unicorn Mask is for all of you geeky crazies (like myself) who like to pretend that you’re a unicorn.  You had better watch yourself before I spear you with my glittery horn, bro.

The mask is $30, latex, and one size fits all.  One size will not necessarily fit all, but mask companies often discriminate against those of us who have oddly shaped heads.  (Sorry, Stewie and Hey Arnold.)

This mask looks strange, since they decided to use the mouth as your portal to the real world, so it looks like they captured a unicorn’s expression while it was being given a lumbar puncture.  Mr. Unicorn, just lay on your side… and relax while I stick this foot-long needle into the small of your back.  *Cue expression of the mask

The Magical Unicorn Mask from Archie McPhee is a great gift for someone who you don’t care about, since they’re going to think that you’re crazy.  And maybe you are – but you’re also a dreamer!  So dream on, dreamer!  Keep on talking to those inanimate objects like they’re your friends!  Keep feeding that man who lives in your cupboards!  ROCK AND ROLL!  YES!


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