Heart Gelatin Mold

heart gelatin mold


The Heart Gelatin Mold is anatomically correct, and only for the superior of mind.  With this geeky mold, you can literally “eat a heart!”  “That was never a figurative saying.  when would I say that I’m going to ‘eat a heart’?  Creepo.”  Did you know that cows have two stomachs?  “You’re trying to change the subject.”  *Does a barber shop song and dance*

The Heart Gelatin Mold is only $6 at Baron Bob, and allows you to make as many Jell-o hearts as you can!  There’s no limit to what you can do with this mold – you can make a heart, you can make two hearts, you can make three hearts, or you can make four hearts!  Not like the pig heart I’m growing in a petri dish in the basement, but you know what i mean.  You could also put pieces of licorice into the heart to make it look like the person died of blood clots.  Mmmmm…. licorice…  It looks kind of like “lice rice” but it has an “ish” at the end!

Remember: Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you don’t want to let your loved ones down!  They’re up in the attic for a reason – the police are coming, and they can’t be running their mouths.

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