Brain Freeze Ice Tray

brain freeze ice tray


The Brain Freeze Ice Tray helps you feel like a zombie but ensures that you don’t get arrested or terminally ill for eating brains.  (Unless you travel deep into the forests of South America and feast on monkey brains with the natives.  Harrison Ford did it, so it’s cool.)

This geeky zombie-themed ice tray is $9, and lets you manufacture four brains per silicone tray.  It’s as simple as this: buy a refrigerator, make sure that you have running water, put water into the tray, put the tray into the refrigerator, wait two hours, and then have a beverage.

Did you notice how the waiting step is described in the same length that the other steps are described, but it takes much longer?  It’s like that time when I was putting together a LEGO Fire Station.  Okay, now that I’m done with steps 1-10, let’s go to step 11!  “Step 11: finish the second booklet included in the set, then proceed to step 12.”  Oooooh wonderful!  Let’s see… Only 436 steps until step 12!

The Brain Freeze Ice Tray would make a wonderful gift for a neighborhood zombie who’s going through BEA (brain eaters anonymous) and wants to feel at home in a new neighborhood.  Wait, come to think of it – didn’t Tom’s disappearance get noticed right after he went to deliver the zombies a housewarming gift?  “Nah – that was Joe’s disappearance.  Or – or maybe that was Sam’s disappearance.  No, wait – no, that was Mrs. Jones for sure.”


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