Fossil Food Dinosaur Cupcake Molds

fossil food cupcake mold


Cupcakes are delicious, as is normal cake, but what if you could give your little cretin something to look forward to once he’s done with his cupcake?  The Fossil Food Cupcake Mold has dinosaur fossils at the bottom, and will form an indentation when you pour and cook the batter.  (This mold can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees fahrenheit.)  Then, you can either leave the treat inside of the mold or attempt to take it out – either way, there will be a dinosaur prize at the bottom.  And not the kind that my dog leaves me – those are gross, and the neighbors make me pick them up with a baggie.

For $12, you get four different Fossil Food Cupcake Molds, and can make a whole bunch of cupcakes.  Jason Pang designed this geeky product, and he did a commendable job.  I mean, who would have thought of it?  Dinosaurs and cupcakes PUT TOGETHER!  I was thinking about creating this cage where you could trap small mammals and feed them nectar, but it got shot down by “animal rights activists.”  Just because they’re in a cage DOESN’T MEAN I WOULDN’T GIVE THEM THE CHANCE TO VOTE ON CERTAIN KEY DECISIONS.  I’ll let them vote, veto their decision, and just drizzle myself in honey because it’s fun.

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