Ear Worms Earbuds

ear worms earbuds


After you’re finished rocking out to your sick jams, there’s always that one song that sticks in your head when you’re done.  To show everyone that you understand this concept, and that you’re a moron who wears earbuds with worms on them, we have the Ear Worms Earbuds to present to you.  These geeky earbuds are normal except for the fact that, when you wear them, it appears that green worms are crawling out of your ear canals.  (Okay, it’s less creepy than that, and more adorable, but it’s definitely still relatively odd.)  These earbuds are $13, made by Archie McPhee, and would make a great gift for anyone who loves eccentric earbuds.  With worms on them.

The Ear Worms Earbuds have STOCKING STUFFER written all over them.  I have MALL SANTA written all over me once she finds out that I lost my job.  She won’t understand.  SHEEEEEEEE.  SHEEEEEEE.  “SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!”  Sorry mom.


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