Creepy Pumpkin Gumballs

creepy pumpkin gumballs


Gumballs taste much better when they’re packaged in a tin that features a shifty pumpkin, you agree?  Don’t you also agree that pumpkin gumballs are the best type?  Then, surely, you would be delighted to spend $4 on these Creepy Pumpkin Gumballs!  The Creepy Pumpkin Gumballs are $3.50 and have a tin that has 16 pumpkin flavored gumballs inside.  They’re all inside a creepy looking pumpkin tin that would be a great collectible for your house since you’re a creepy old man.

Greatest stocking stuffer ever: creepy pumpkin gumballs.  Scratch that – best gift ever: flamethrower tuba hybrid.  The Creepy Pumpkin Gumballs take second place, since they aren’t combustible.  I’m sure that Cave Johnson‘s engineers could make them combustible, but then they wouldn’t be safe to chew on.  Why?  Because they would explode in your mouth and you would die.  Hahahaha the SHIFTY PUMPKIN GOT YOU THAT TIME!  THAT’LL TEACH YOU TO MESS WITH SKETCHY LOOKING VEGETABLES.  BAM BOOM SHOT ROASTED.


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