Geeky One Hour Candle With Markings

With the 1 Hour Candle by Curiosite, you can keep track of time without a clock or electronic timepiece of any sort.  While the idea of a one hour candle isn’t completely unique, the idea of a geeky candle with time markings on it definitely is.

Watch the time burn away while your calories don’t burn away, because you’re sitting down and doing nothing.  This would surely make a great stocking stuffer for a pair of geeks who love to waste the Winter days away watching Firefly re-runs.

 One Hour Candle

one hour candle


The 1 Hour Candle is made entirely out of tristearin, and is available for purchase in a 24 pack.  Do you know what that means?  That means you have 24 hours to do whatever you want before your life ends house burns down because you left tons of candles burning after you departed.  MY LIFE IS OVER!  Wait – that’s my neighbor’s house.  I’m feeling better already?  *Roasts a couple of marshmallows*

The 1 Hour Candle is available online.