Eat Dark DIY Chocolate Bar Kit

eat dark diy chocolate kit


The Eat Dark DIY Chocolate kit gives you everything you need to make your own too legit to quit chocolate bar.  How can it be so legitimate?  The Eat Dark kit comes only with ingredients that were used back in the day – the healthiest parts of chocolate.  No gluten, no additives, no refined sugar, just the good old cacao plant.  The Eat Dark DIY Chocolate Kit comes with organic cacao paste shipped straight from Ecuador, organic cacao butter, and organic agave nectar.  I can almost guarantee you that this is the healthiest piece of chocolate that you will eat in your life – it is suitable for both vegans and diabetics.  (Diabetics if eaten in moderation.)  This amazing kit is $10.

The Eat Dark DIY Chocolate Kit is great for any chocolate lover or aspiring cook.  It’s a healthy snack that’s suitable for everybody, and it lets you taste chocolate as it should be – undisturbed by our (delicious) additives and chemical nastiness.  DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO TASTE LIKE A HERSHEY BAR.  IT WILL NOT.  AT ALL.  Still awesome.  If you’re looking for more chocolate awesomeness, check out the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza.


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