Cupcake Guitar Makes You Sound Sweeter Than You Are

The Cupcake Guitar is a  guitar that looks like a cupcake.  In case you didn’t figure that out.  This “sweet” instrument will cost you $950, but I’m sure they could accept payment in souls or six-year-periods of indentured servitude.  “That’s ridiculous!”  Hey – look on the bright side!  At least you can spend those long hours learning to play your new Cupcake Guitar!  Oh, wait… you’ll be too busy washing the floors and making my food.  Boom!  Headshot.  Maybe if you finish braiding my dog’s hair, I’ll allow you a five minute break to prepare a performance for me.

 Cupcake Guitar

cupcake guitar


The Cupcake Guitar is great for playing at home, but I feel like it would be strange for a guy to play this geeky instrument in public.  Which totally defeats the purpose of having a guitar, since you can’t serenade that hot girl in front of all of her friends and pressure her into going out with you.  Maybe I should have practiced once or twice before I came out to her house at eleven at night… *Throws rock at the window*  MY LOVE!  COME OUT TO YONDER WINDOW!  “I’m sleeping!  Go away before I call the police!”  *Slumps through the yard*