8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath

8-bit christmas wreath


Christmas is running at you with the momentum of a fast-traveling fat man – are you prepared?  If not, at least put on a helmet so that the impact doesn’t kill you.  With the 8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath, you’ll be more than prepared to please all of your geeky friends this holiday season.  The product, from ThinkGeek, is constructed out of foam, and features recognizable pieces of geek culture: the Galaga ship, a red Rupee, coins, the One Up Mushroom, etc.  The coins are also bright yellow LEDs, and will add to your fancy lighting system that you’ve already set up.  (I recommend just getting some nets of lights and throwing them over bushes – it takes much less time than if you actually put effort into your Christmas decorations.)

The 8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath is in stock at ThinkGeek, and the friends at the site will require a shrubbery plus $20 in payment for this device.  If you’re a geek, and you need a wreath, don’t hesitate to buy the 8-Bit Wreath – it’s a winner.  If not everyone comments on it when you greet them at the door, they’re jealous.  Or, they didn’t have time to notice it because they were running from your neighbor’s killer dog.  Get the Christmas ham – we’re going to have to sacrifice it.  *Collective sound of sadness*


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