Snapdragon Shows Off Their Efficiency With The Bug Circus [Video]

At first, this video might make absolutely no sense.  I mean, the beginning scene shows a grasshopper riding a unicycle!  (Yes, it’s crazy awesome, but definitely falls into the category of nonsensical.  (Yes, nonsensical is a word. (This is like inception, except with a less-sexy actor than my buddy Leonardo, and with parentheses.)))  Snapdragon has created this video of a Bug Circus in order to show off its efficiency.  In case you didn’t know, Snapdragon is a dual-core system chip that supposedly needs much less energy than other similar chips.  (Snaprdragon is a Qualcomm brand.)

Snapdragon in Action



That – that was amazing.  Did you see that tarantula moving like Hussain Bolt?  Also, that beetle who got shot through a ring of fire.  The best frame of the entire video?  The beetle on Le Bug Carousel, eating some mini cotton candy.

If you’ve never heard of the Snapdragon, you’re definitely behind on your technology reading.  This line of processors will be powering Windows 8 tablets and phones, and is already in the Xperia Play.  Additionally, Snapdragon powers the HTC Evo 3D, which was the first no-glasses 3D smartphone.  Impressive line of products, huh?  Of course, Apple always wins, but Qualcomm can have this small second prize ribbon we found sitting in our basement.

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