Real Life Angry Birds Flying Into Your Windows, Cracking their Skulls

These depictions of Real Life Angry Birds, made by the Deviantartist mohamedraoof, are what our favorite feathery friends would look like in real life.  Would they have the same temperament and pea-sized brain as other birds?  The birds’ temperament surely would be on the “aggressive” side, but their skulls have to have taken a beating.  Seriously, how many times can you fling yourself head-first at a cement wall and expect to retain your mental sanity?  Mens sana in corpore sano is what I always like to say, and the Angry Birds’ corpore?  Not sano.  Loco en de la cabeza.  “That’s a different language.”  Je te plumerai!


real life angry birds


The real life Angry Birds’ all appear so… upset.  Can’t we placate them with some fresh fruit and a nice cheese tray?  No?  That’s what they did to me at the restaurant where I found bugs crawling in my salad.  And, do you know what?  It worked!  That goat cheese was IMPECCABLE!  FLAWLESS!  MODERATELY CLEAN!  *Flicks bug off of table*

My favorite depiction of the real life Angry Birds is the blue one, the one that magically multiplies into three different birds when you tap the screen.  In this portrait, he’s looking off into the distance like a boss, even though he’s relatively useless in the game, where as the eagle was the best $.99 I’ve ever spent.  NNNEEEEWWWWWW – BSHSHSHSHHHHH!!  *The prior sequence of random letters is intended to be the onomatopoeia of the Eagle dive bombing into the ground.*

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