Lytro’s Light Field Camera Changes Everything


Capturing all the light and storing it in a neat rectangular prism might sound demonic, but it’s not. This is just how Lytro’s Light Field Camera intends to revolutionize photo editing forever. Unlike the classic point-n-shoot that takes a snapshot of a single light frame, the Light Field Camera uses micro-lenses to take in all the light in every direction, which comes to about 11 million rays. The effect is a so-called living picture that can be manipulated in postproduction like never before.


lytro field camera


Focus when you feel like it and repeatedly. The Lytro’s box software allows you to change the focus of your image from the background to the foreground and anything in-between. Lytro claims the camera will have greater light sensitivity for crisper indoor shots. It is also supposed to have an exciting editing feature that will render any image in 3D. Picture 3D stop motions popping up all over YouTube. The coolest innovations from this technology are yet to be seen.

Lytro’s Light Field Camera:  The Specs

Lytro is releasing 8 gig and 16 gig models for $400 and $500 respectively. The camera is small (only about 4.4 inches long) but powerful. The point-and-shoot model yields a stunning 22 megapixel image. Since all the photo editing is computer based, the light field camera has a slick industrialized design with only a shutter button and power button. The 8 gig model can hold 350 photos while the 16 gig can hold about 750. With high demand there is a backlog of orders. If you order a Light Filled Camera now, expect it to ship off in early 2012.

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