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With less and less people wearing wrist watches, the age-old device seems destined to become an accessory of the past. As a practical item, watches have long been overtaken by pocket technology like smartphones or mp3 players that tell time in addition to their more important functions. Most people of the youngest generations wear watches for purely aesthetic reasons, as an accessory that compliments their fashion choices or personality. Accordingly, there’s been a massive output of innovative watch designs that focus on intriguing appearance rather than practical utility. If the watch is going to survive, it will do so in endlessly creative design world.

So what are some of the more innovative and exciting watch designs out there? With watches to choose from across countless retail sites at prices reasonable and luxurious, the choices are mind-boggling. Below I’ve compiled a small sample of watch designs that’ll make you reconsider owning a timepiece.

Minimo Watch Designs


minimo watch


The Minimo LED watch was designed by designer Kambiz from the United States.  The design concept is driven by the unique utilization of LED lights to tell time on the watch’s face. The LED lights illuminate notches arranged on the watch’s face on a circular pattern. The outermost circle of 60 notches standards for the minutes, which the inner circle of 12 notches represent the hours. There’s an open circle at the very center of the watch face, giving the overall look a refined feel. The watch is only in the design phase and thus not currently for sale, but there has already been plenty of buzz from consumers hoping to purchase the Minimo very soon.

Sol Watch


sol watch


Designer Shin Azumi has created a watch that’s both environmentally friendly (if you can imagine such a thing for a watch) and stylish. The designer came up with an idea for a watch that was powered by the sun, using solar power-gathering technology. This watch is powered by a small solar cell under the face that displays the time. Paired with the watch’s sleek minimal design, this watch is quite the cool customer. The Sol watch can be found on Shin Azumi’s website or on eBay.


Icon Watch


icon watch


For those often struck by nostalgia of 8-bit graphics, consider the Icon watch by Poketo. The face of the watch is designed, you guessed it, to look like an icon from your old computer. A watch with such a distinct (nerdy) appearance will surely make a statement to those around you as soon as you put it on. At around $75 a piece, they’re well worth the 8-bit addition to your wardrobe.

Pixel Watch


pixel watch


Design studio O.D.M. has produced a fine example of a watch that combines functionality with thoughtful design. Their Pixel watch looks like a metallic bangle at first glance, nothing more. Once you press a button on the side of the watch, the time lights up on an illuminated display across the surface of the bangle.  While huge vertical display of the time is a bold statement unto itself, the entire watch exudes an aura of daring style befitting any watch enthusiast.

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