21 Geeky Chairs On Which You May Rest Your Bottom

All geeks need comfy chairs, but stores like Ikea and Home Furniture just aren’t geeky enough for our tastes.  That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 21 geeky chairs, listing stools, bean bags, rocking chairs, and more!  These chairs are great add-ons to any home, and are even better add-ons to any basement.  I better go ask my mom if she’ll lend me money to get the Snorlax bean bag chair!  *Runs up the stairs*  “NO!”  *Slowly slumps back down the stairs*

Geeky Tail Stool


tail stool


Designed by Y Zin Chang, the Tail Stool is definitely a geeky chair.  I’m not sure it passes the common sense test, though – the designer claims that it will balance itself on a small flat surface, but I have my doubts.  If you’ve seen the size of people in America, you know that we need four very large flat surfaces to keep from tipping over.  Even then, walking into a Denny’s is oftentimes like going cow tipping.  TIMBER!  *People scatter from falling American*

Also, Y Zin Chang, I know English isn’t your first language, but make sure you have one of your American friends (me) check the grammar on your design portfolio before you submit it, because “what if human has a tail” isn’t cutting it for me right now.

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Freaky Walrus, Octopus, and Rhino Chairs


geeky chairs


Maximo Riera is the designer who created is responsible for these beautiful atrocities.  The octopus, rhino, and walrus chairs look like a bunch of animals who were pulled out of the Le-Bra-Size tar pits and mutilated to form comfortable sitting positions.  They may be strange and scare off guests, but they’re definitely geeky chairs.

iTamTam iPod Dock Doubles As Stool


geeky chair


*CRUNCH*  What was that sickening crunching sound?  That was my over-sized rump crushing the iPhone 4S plugged into my iTamTam dock.  Curse you, geeky chair, and your insidious ways!  The designer of iTamTam is of French origin, and has given his geeky chair a very un-French name.  Why not follow Qualcomm’s example of Le Carousel and name it Le Chair Du Geeky?  “Because that would be lame.”  Touche, my French friend, touche.

Colorful Space Invaders Chairs

geeky chair


The only thing disappointing about these colorful Space Invaders chairs: they’re only concepts.  The seats do look rather uncomfortable, but I would sacrifice comfort for the design of these geeky chairs.

Black Retro Space Invaders Couch


geeky chairs


The Space Invaders couch takes a less vibrant approach to the retro gaming chair.  What is with these amazing seating devices being concepts?  Seriously – how hard would it be to make this chair?  The entire thing is a bunch of squares and rectangles, so this shouldn’t be very difficult.  I know that there’s a market for these things, so somebody needs to take advantage.

Geeky Tetris Chair


geeky chair


This geeky Tetris chair is real, but remains a work of art that can’t be purchased by the people.  I suppose we will learn to admire without having to acquire, right?  Or we could build it out of some sugar cubes and sharpie…

Pacman Chair Concept Design


pacman chair


Finally, there’s a benefit to being short!  You won’t knock your head on the roof of Pacman’s mouth whenever you take a seat in this geeky chair design!  The Pacman chair is not practical, since you would have to bend your spine in an unnatural manner to sit down, unless this chair was HUGE.  Also, what if the mouth closed on you?  That jaw has had a lot of practice.

Media Chair By Marin Emila


geeky chair


The media chair succeeds in integrating all of your gadgets into one chair – you can play music from your iPhone through the speakers and do some other really cool things.  Of course, this is just another concept design.

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Pacman Chair Design


geeky chairs


This Pacman chair design seems more feasible than the other one that we’ve seen, but it looks like in the very basic stages of production.  As in, some guy had a couple of Crayola markers and opened Microsoft Paint.  Not very professional, but definitely a new take on the classic Pacman chair.

Captain Kirk’s Chair Looks Expensive


geeky chair


Captain Kirk’s chair will cost you an incredible $2,000!  But, the feeling of being Captain Kirk and being a huge chick magnet, and an inter-galactic chick magnet at that, is priceless.  Note: sitting in this chair will probably repel chicks, because the girl will become negatively charged and walk away.  You are negatively charged because you are sitting in a Captain Kirk chair.

NES Geeky Chairs


geeky chair


Unfortunately, this geeky NES chair is not on sale, due to the fact that it was being handmade and the owner got tired of building them for people.  Make your own attempt and create an unstable monstrosity?  Sure, be my guest!  Just don’t come to my house, because I dislike you.

Decked Out Rocking Chair For Geeks


geeky rocking chair


Rocking chair would be insulting – more like “rocking chair that rocks all other rocking chairs with its rock.”  Now, just shorten that to RCTRAORCWIR and you have a legitimate chair name!

Pacman Poufman Chair Squares


geeky chair


Mini Pacman chair squares FTW!

Relaxing Snorlax Beanbag Chair


geeky chair


Have you ever wanted to be able to sit on the belly of a sleeping Snorlax without the fear of being clawed to death or crushed into a pancake?  With the Snorlax beanbag chair, this pleasure can be yours!

Chain Chomp Geeky Beanbag Chair


chain chomp bean bag chair


The Chain Chomp beanbag chair lets you sit your rump on the head of one of these guys without the fear of being ripped to pieces by sharp teeth.  Huzzah for safety!

Ginormous Millenium Falcon Beanbag Chair


millenium falcon beanbag chair


This geeky Millenium Falcon beanbag chair is so big that it could be used as a bed if you wanted to take your geek credibility to the extreme.

Geeky Companion Cube Beanbag Chair


geeky chair


The only question I have about the Companion Cube beanbag chair: why is it outside?  Dirt doesn’t go well with the Portal environment, or my sensitive skin.

Epic Emperor Palpatine Chair


geeky chair


The geek within Emperor palpatine would be proud of this geeky chair, my friends, he would be proud.  Although I’m pretty sure he would diss the light colors of his majestic seat – he’s a Sith lord – at least spray paint the thing black and stop cramping his evil style.

Geeky Question Mark Chair By Tonon


geeky chairs


The question mark chair by Tonon resembles a question mark with an extreme case of osteoporosis.  Those are my thoughts, take them or leave them.  “I asked for your money, not your thoughts.  Put your hands in the air NOW.”  Wait, wait!  I didn’t get to finish the story yet!  So, my uncle talked to this guy from in town, and he said…

Geeky Magical Cut Chair


geeky chair


How does this geeky chair create this illusion?  It’s quite simple, really – the bottoms of the chair legs are just independent posts that have nothing to do with the chair.  The one post that isn’t cut is bolted to a metal sheet that holds the entire thing in place.  Doesn’t seem as impressive now, does it?  Don’t worry – you have the option of the “forget stick.”  It is a bit painful, though…

Geeky Spike Bomb Chair


geeky chair


The Spike Bomb chair is geeky, but it’s also a really bad idea.  I am extremely clumsy, and, with my luck, will end up spearing myself with one of the jutting metal spikes.  Or, one of my clumsy friends will spear themselves, survive, and then sue me for all that I own.  “Some friends you have.”  I know – aren’t they great?  “Pass me the chips and get me a soda, dirtbag.”  Sure thing, Jason!  *Skips to the refrigerator*

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