World’s Largest Sushi Roll Dubbed The Generous Roll

In Anjo city, Japan, at the Umewaka restaurant, you can get 13 pound, 8 inch thick, monster piece of sushi.  Yes, the Generous Roll is the worlds largest sushi roll (single piece of sushi) in the world, as recognized by the World Records Academy.  (Not Guinness yet, but this is definitely the biggest sushi roll in the world.)  The Generous Roll is available for $196 and 2 days’ notice, so basically anyone willing to fork over the cash can take part in this monster piece of sushi.  Everyone can take part, except me, since I’m eating all of my part and some of yours because I’m really hungry.  *Stuffs sushi into mouth with rubber band connected chopsticks*


generous roll largest sushi roll


World’s Largest Sushi Roll: The Generous Roll

The Generous Roll is stuffed with 24 different ingredients, and was made on a six foot sheet of rice.  By the way, has anyone else noticed that awkward toilet roll in the background?  When’s the last time you saw a toilet roll in a restaurant?  The place seems sanitary, but the guys at Umewaka should know that that’s just a really awkward thing to leave sitting out.

In addition to the humongous Generous Sushi roll, Umewaka offers giant Nigri, which are at least four times the size of regular pieces of nigri.  World record?  Perhaps.  Shoved in my stomach?  Only if I still have money after buying the Generous Roll.  Also, room in my huge belly because that roll is HUGE.

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