SWYP: See What You Print Concept Design

The SWYP: See What You Print concept design should be exciting for those who like printing off pictures that they’ve recently taken.  Featuring a touchscreen the size of a sheet of paper, SWYP allows you to select and edit your photos before you print them.  Then, the machine will display the image you’re printing as it leaves the device in real time.  There’s even a brightness and contrast adjustment tool on the device, which is great for me, since all of my pictures were taken at rave parties.  It’s completely dark except for the occasional blinding strobe light.  At least until the owner of the apartment we broke into finally makes it to the light switches and tells us to get out before he calls the police. (You realize I’m joking, right?  Stick with me, people!)


swyp see what you print concept


SWYP was designed by a company called Artefact, and we hope that their device becomes a reality.  What’s green and has wheels?  “What?”  I lied twice.  I really don’t care if SWYP ever becomes a product, and the answer is grass, I lied about the wheels.  Look, it’s great that I can see the picture that I’m printing, but I can edit things on my computer if I really needed to.  I’m probably going to want to back up my pictures to the Mac anyway, so why not just do all of the rigamarole and lasagna on there?  Besides, how many pictures do people print on their own?  Walgreens can do it for a lot less money than you’ll have to pay for all of that ink and special picture paper.  Walgreens also sells a belly dancing dog, but that’s not the point.  “How much is it?  I’ve got $20.”  I already bought out their entire stock.  PWND.  I’ll sell you one for $50 if you really want it.  “Fine.  Thanks!”  I lied – I meant $75.

Via:  Technabob, who tried to break into my house during the night and take my belly dancing dog.  TOO BAD I HAVE A DOOR ALARM, NOOB!

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