Plasma-Watch Tokyoflash Analog Watch Features Purple Bolts of Death

The Plasma-Watch Tokyoflash Analog Watch is a great new concept by Patrick.  Patrick who?  We have no clue – his name is just Patrick, and he’s from France.  Patrick has taken the novelty of those glass balls that shoot purple bolts of death towards your fingertips and applied the same concept to his new watch design.

Just so I don’t get sued for salamanders slander, the Plasma-Watch Analog Watch actually doesn’t have purple bolts of death – it has harmless purple bolts of electricity that (unfortunately) can’t shock you.  Because, it would be funny as heck to put this thing as a demo with a “Try Me!” sign in a Best Buy and set up a hidden camera to watch people’s reactions.


plasma-watch analog watch concept design


The Plasma-Watch Analog Watch is great, because the watch face is filled with Argon gas.  “I hope you aren’t going to make chemistry jokes.”  No – the good ones Argon.  “Really, you should stop making chemistry jokes.”  Fine – lets barium.  They’re old anyway.  Hey, you want to hear a joke about sodium?  “No.”  Why are you such an electron?  “WHY ARE YOU SO ANNOYING?”  WHY ARE YOU TYPING IN CAPS?

Of course, this is a TokyoFlash concept watch, since they’re the only ones producing watches of such quality and weirdness.  If you’d really like to see the Plasma-Watch Analog Watch produced and sold commercially, go here to the TokyoFlash Design Blog and vote for the Plasma-Watch.

Via: Technabob, who built a musical tesla coil for his girlfriend.  What a nice thing to do!  Too bad the moment was ruined when she got to close and set her hair on fire.  Oh well – tell her it grows back, and if she doesn’t agree, run for your life.

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