What To Do If Your Smart Phone is Lost or Stolen This Travel Season?

The Ultimate Travel Companion

Scoot aside travel buddy, iPhones have now become the essential travel partner. The rise of the smartphone has completely changed tourism as we know it. Instead of relying on your co-pilot to give you directions, you just whip out the map on your phone. Put away the foreign language translator, because you can do that on your phone. Why bother asking the locals for a good restaurant recommendation when you can just Yelp the top-rated restaurant in town? Need more information on a tourist destination, well, good thing the internet rests in the palm of your hand! The list goes on: booking and catching a flight, getting a last minute hotel room, managing your itinerary, using a flashlight for camping, and even finding local singles. Yep, there’s an app for that!




Travel Season

However, as people turn up the smartphone consumption during travel season, lost or stolen smartphones also increase at an alarming rate. More trips to congested areas translates to more luggage transfers, looming pickpockets, and scatterbrained activities, especially as you’re not accustomed to your surroundings. When traveling, it’s important to remember that your smart phone is your livelihood. Lose your phone and you may as well be lost.


Steps to Take if You Lose Your Cell Phone

Even with precautions taken, it is inevitable that there will be cell phone losses, theft, and damage. With this being the case, here are some steps to take:

Buying a brand new phone: This can be costly, however, there are some great solutions. Rule #1 is that you should NEVER pay full price for a phone. If you don’t know anyone that can give you a good in-store hookup, there are plenty of great Verizon promo codes that can save you $100 off or 30% when you have to unexpectedly shell out hundreds of bucks. Also, make sure you buy an insurance plan next time!

Buying a refurbished cell phone: Shoppers don’t usually consider refurbished cell phones, but they can be good quality and cost-effective. Refurbished phones have been previously owned and returned to cell phone manufacturers, having been completely restored to like-new condition. They are either sold by third party vendors or mobile carriers. Tip: if you’re buying from a third party vendor, try to get a warranty.

Buying a used phone: If you’re buying a used phone, it is all about judgment. Don’t fall into the scheme of just looking for the best price. It is imperative you trust the website, the seller’s rating (above 95%), and be sure to read the ENTIRE description of the product. Don’t just look at the picture and price! There are countless times when a phone is bought, which isn’t compatible with your service or has some sort of defect or cosmetic damage. If the seller has solid feedback, there is almost always some sort of fine print that points out these defects. And if all else fails, hopefully you have some amazing friends who have bought the latest iPhone and have a used one to spare!


Dan Loney is an avid traveler and iPhone user. He has lost and damaged his iPhone in every possible way leading him to find alternate, resourceful ways of phone replacement. He highly recommends a Verizon promotion code when in the market for a new smartphone.

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