New Swiss Army Knife Doesn’t Have a Knife: Is a USB Drive The New Multi-tool?

What do you get when one of the leading knife companies ventures into the world of advanced computer technology? You get the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Slim and Slim Duo USB Drives. Even though these interesting little gems were first announced back in January 2011, they just started shipping late last month.

Although not mutually exclusive, it’s hard to say whether diehard knife enthusiasts and nerdy tech junkies will meet in the middle to buy these admittedly cool USB/knife combos.

 Swiss Army Knife – USB Drive

swiss army knife usb drive


This is just another attempt by the historic knife-making company to branch out into the growing market of technology, but I have to say that it’s actually a fantastic jump into that area. The new USB “knife” is fashioned to look like a traditional Swiss Army knife, but the two new models won’t cause any trouble at airport security.

The Slim features a 4GB USB drive for $39.99 while the Slim Duo boasts 128GB (two 64GB drives as implied by the name) for $349.99. Even though this might sound unnecessarily expensive, they are actually comparable to other technology that’s not as fast and secure. Keep in mind, this is the same company that boasted an “unhackable” USB drive not long ago. The Slim models are shock resistant, waterproof and TSA-approved. They also come in a variety of colors and feature some of the best USB data encryption technology out there for people who plan on using these for storing top-secret documents.


swiss army usb drive


Finally, if you’re the kind of person who finds need for a knife wherever you go, there are also models with both old technology (a knife blade) and new technology (a USB drive).

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Timothy Martinez Jr. is a freelance writer and contributes to a number of blogs, including the official blog of Knife Depot.

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