Pacmania Bowl Concept Design By Christopher Locke Has Tiny Spoons

Generally, the concept designs that we see are technically inclined.  For example, the LED cell phone concept by Tao Ma.  The Pacmania Bowl concept design by Christopher Locke, however, takes a delightful sans-technology retro design turn.  This awesome bowl can hold anything from dead rat-sicles to popcorn, and looks like our good friend Pacman.  Actually, he’s not my friend, since we’ve been arch enemies ever since that Mrs. Pacman incident.  He only won because I ditched her at the altar.  Why?  Because there was a TV special on the Ghost Bear on the Discovery Channel.  It was totally worth it.


pacmania bowl christopher locke


The Pacmania Bowl concept sports the same objective as the game it’s based off of: take food, and put into Pacman’s mouth.  The only difference is that the bowls have feet and that you win the game regardless because the food ends up in your digestive tract.  Also, take note of the fact that I hate those tiny ice cream spoons like the one shown in the picture.  This is America – it would take you three days to eat an average cup of ice cream with that spoon.

If the Pacmania Bowls were to become a reality, I would buy all three colors and use them to serve my house guests their dinner.  No more plates, no more cups, no more silverware, just Pacman bowls.

Via:  Technabob, who I found chasing my cat in a basement during my Super Bowl party.

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