Hidden Cameras? When It Comes To Technology, We’ll Hide Anything

Here in 2011 we proudly display our wealth and success, if not quite on our sleeves, very much out in the open.  We wouldn’t feel comfortable without whipping out our Tablet, while tweeting our mates to mention – no doubt unending fascination – we’re in Costa.  Pity our grandparents, the only appliances they had to demonstrate their upwardly mobile status was a bloody great fridge or TV.  You could hardly sit outside Costa with one of those – you were lucky to be able to get them into the house without causing a permanent disability.  Funny thing is, looking round the house I can’t help but wonder where those status symbols of yore have gone.  Oh, yes, we had them built in, so we couldn’t see them at all!  Invisible is definitely the new, well, visible.

Hidden  Technology

hidden technology

Real Quality Technology

The modern must-haves needn’t feel smug – in a few years our iPods will be disguised as antique gold watches, our headphones will be no more than earrings, our iPad’s will slip discreetly into our real Italian leather wallets, heavily disguised as credit cards.  That’s the thing with cutting edge technology, once it ceases to be cutting edge – it becomes functional and no longer the envy of that barista in Costa!  When it comes to design and function we seem to prefer tradition, and value the unique and handcrafted over more mass produced items.  That Italian handcrafted leather wallet could be replaced with a synthetic version but I doubt it will be – even though it will be obsolete when we all start batting our eyes at the automated checkout assistants to verify our identity and pay.

Old Skills For New

That’s the strangest thing I’ve noticed about our technologically overloaded world, the fact that we still value traditional workmanship over the incredible skill it takes to create these amazing devices.  Perhaps it’s just the fear of the alien – the inhuman – nature of so many of the devices that we live with.  Even in the home, long familiar items like our fridges, freezers, washers and driers are discreetly tucked away behind warm wood finishes or cool marble surfaces.  We love the ‘human’ nature of these familiar materials and use them heavily to disguise our electrical helpers.


Framed TVs Technology


Human Touches for our Technology

TVs – that have been adorning our homes for close to a century are still strange devices that we seem keen to hide away.  Modern flat screens are certainly less obtrusive when it comes to their design, but they still present an interior designer with something of a headache.  Every home has them, usually several, and yet they stick out in many rooms like the very functional item they are.  Modern solutions include frames – that can add that much needed human and traditional touch – or TV mirror glass that completely disguises the TV.  It seems that whatever technological advances we make, we will always find away to make that technology comfortingly human.


A TV mirror frame not only hides your TV – a perennial problem for interior designers – but is in itself a beautiful addition to a room.  Frames made by hand, using traditional skills, are available from www.frameyourtv.co.uk to add the perfect finish touch to any room.

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