Gizmodo’s Staff Makes 15 Year Olds Cry And I Continue To Dislike Them

First of all, if you have not read the viral post titled How I Made A Fifteen Year Old App Developer Cry, do so now.  I’ve never been a big fan of Gizmodo, I’d rather read Engadget or Geekologie, but now I’m hard set against liking them.  I’m determined not to like them, and I’m determined to eat this entire ice cream sundae in one gulp.  But, that’s another story that involves intense brain freeze trauma and a killer clown.  What was I talking about again?  I need a paragraph break to regroup…


mean how i made a fifteen year old app developer cry


As you all should, but probably don’t, know, I’m fifteen years old.  YOU BROTHERS GOT A BEEF?  BECAUSE I WILL EAT THE ENTIRE THING RIGHT NOW.  Yes, the kid e-mailing Casey Chan in the article was super annoying.  No, Casey wasn’t right to write an article about how this kid was annoying.  Who am I kidding – I don’t really have a problem with the article.  I have a problem with the kid who just ruined a ton of my chances in terms of guest blogging and such other opportunities.

I removed my age from my About page because I’m getting paranoid.  Yes, I’m scared of the zombies hiding in my shrubbery, but I’m more paranoid that my first impressions will now be affected.  Of course, I could always pull one of those “don’t tell anyone that I’m fifteen” moves and then surprise them later.  Or perhaps people will recognize that this Nick kid was annoying and not apply that stereotype to all young entrepreneurs?  Nah, people are judgmental.  Try walking into high school wearing a cosplay – you’ll be lucky if you get out of there with three limbs and a pulse.

Via: Gizmodo, who should lock their doors and windows.  I won’t try to attack them, but I can’t speak for those xbox-stealing hoodlums.  Ha – I hope they’re fifteen.

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