Top Five Travel Gadgets To Take On Your Next Trip

Since the days that ancient sailors drew crude maps and used a telescope for direction from the stars, travelers have used gadgets. Now, many of our modern navigational tools are at our fingertips with application buttons on smartphones. However, there are still some gadgets that are a must-have for traveling convenience. Below is a list of five travel gadgets you should take on your next trip:

Portable Kensington Notebook Lock


top 5 travel gadgets


Most people love to travel. Business travel usually requires that one brings along a laptop and various other sensitive data. One laptop is stolen every minute in the United States, according to the FBI statistics. Coffee shops and cafes that offer Internet access are prime targets. By purchasing one of these portable notebook locks, you can ensure that your data is safe and secure. These small cords can carry on easily in a plane or slide in a coat pocket. At around $25 apiece, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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Universal Power Adapter Kit


top 5 travel gadgets


It never fails; there are separate cords for cell phones, portable DVDs, cameras, and other electronics. If you ever found yourself wishing that one cord fit everything, then you are in luck. The universal power adapter kit comes with several tips that can fit just about any computer or USB plug. At around $200, they will stop the cord mess and give you less stress.

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Ultimate Travel Gadgets: In-Car GPS


top 5 travel gadgets


How did we ever get from point A to point B without a GPS system? The latest systems can find everything from A Starbucks to a McDonald’s. Need to find a hotel? It’s a breeze. How about searching for a department store. You will literally never be lost again. A simple model can start as low as $70 and they the prices climb up to the $300 range. Though most cell phones have a GPS system on them, it is much easier to have a dedicated devise just for guiding on the car dash.

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Swiss Army 1GB USB Flash Drive


top 5 travel gadgets


It’s scissors, a pen, a knife, nail file, screwdriver, light and anything else you can do with it. Of course, no way are they going to let you take this on a plane, right? Wrong. This new gadget detaches from the USB flash drive to make it air travel safe.

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Electronic Books On The Go


top 5 travel gadgets


No more lugging magazines or heavy books through the airport or taking up valuable space in your car. The new electronic books allow you to customize your vacation literature at a moment’s notice. Starting at around $150 through $400, these amazing electronic readers have simplified the trip to the library. Simply bring the library with you.

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