Fire and Fire and Water: Firestorm Fire Breathing Lego Dragon

Amaka 1 Lego has built a Lego dragon that surpasses all others despite being immobile. How? He made it breathe fire. Speaking of immobile dragons, I wouldn’t touch a dragon confined to a wheelchair with a 29 and a half foot pole. Also, Jim Carrey with green hair pasted all over his body.

Firestorm the Fire Breathing Lego Dragon



Firestorm-Night Lego Fire Breathing Dragon

This fire breathing Lego dragon has been dubbed Firestorm, and may or may not melt before it boils my water. Firestorm is the first Lego creation I’ve seen that breathes fire, but could it win in a battle against my power washer fire breathing pony? That’s right – I fight fire with fire. Fortunately for society, firefighters are smarter than I am and decided to use water because it works better. Proof that natural selection is a pile of WRONGNESS: I’m still alive. If I were in heaven, my jokes would be funnier and I would have a cooler outfit. Nevermind – this desert garb is crazy sick! LEAD ON, CAMEL! LEAD ON TO FREE Wi-Fi! (Go jump into a deep pit, Boingo.)

Via: Forever Geek

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