Fallout Monopoly: The Classic Game, Now With Radiated Water

Fallout Monopoly, a mashup by Elisabeth Redel, codename socrazyamazingthebestgirlfriendeverawesomenesswoman PinkAxoloti, is making me rethink my no-girlfriend policy.  They take my money, take my time, and (occasionally) borrow my soul without permission.  Also, the right side of my heart.  I take my girlfriends to movies, and even pay for my own ticket!  (Not hers, of course, I’m a cheap little man.)

Fallout Monopoly

Elisabeth Redel has finally set a good example for all of those geeky girlfriends by making her boyfriend an amazing Fallout version of Monopoly, complete with customized dice, cards, figurines, and gameboard.  This, ladies, is how it is supposed to be done.  *Stands and applauds.*  “Get back to work!  What are you doing?”  Sorry, boss!  I’m filing those reports you sent me…  “Knucklehead.  Why haven’t we fired that guy yet?”


fallout monopoly


The Fallout Monopoly mashup is pretty impressive, considering the fact that it wasn’t a “professional” job, as in the game won’t be manufactured and distributed on a large scale.  The Go has been changed to G.O.A.T., Free Parking is now the “Stand By” screen, and jail is… well… jail.  The moral of the story: Jail is a horrible place to be.

Monopoly just wouldn’t be the same if everyone did ethical business and never went to jail – it would be so much more unrealistic.  The only difference between Monopoly and real life is that people in real life don’t get caught as often.  Also, you can’t sleep in baseball stadiums or Mordor.  I have the Lord of the Rings Monopoly, and it just doesn’t make any sense at all.

Via:  Geeks Are Sexy, who tried to tell me that the banker doesn’t get all of the money in the bank.  I told him to go check the rule book, and then took all of his cash.  Unfortunately, he remembered that he had more than $5o.  Not a very good tactic on my part…

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