Water Shooting RC Truck – Boom Shot Roasted

The Water Shooting RC Truck is a 1:14 scale remote control car that can shoot water at people!  It (supposedly) can shoot water up to 15 feet and hold 8 oz of water under its hood.  It comes with a 3 channel remote, so you can do some epic battling, but has a top speed of a mere 11 mph.  I’ve seen corpulent people roll down a hill faster than that – I guess having a “belly tire” actually serves a purpose!

*Spies guy rolling down a hill*  Look at that guy go!  I hope the friction doesn’t ignite his clothing… Whoops!  Too late.  *Talks into walkie-talkie*  – PSSSHHH –  Uh, we’ve got a racer off the track and in flames – we’re going to need backup, over.  – PSSSHHH –  Pick up donuts on your way back from the emergency closet, over.  – PSSSHHH –  Wait, they put out the fire with the Gatorade cooler, over – PSSSHHH – Still bring the donuts, though. – PSSSHHH –


remote control water shooting truck


This cool rc toy is $100 and can be purchased from Hammacher.  The sad thing about the Water Shooting Remote Control Car is that you get only 40 minutes of run time from a 90 minute charge.  Forget this thing – I’ll just buy a Super Soaker for twenty bucks at K-Mart.  Better yet – I could buy a high-power power washer.  Heheheh…


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