Star Wars Adidas 2011 Shoe Collection

Adidas and Star Wars have combined and formed an awesome series of shoes!  These sneakers aren’t yet for sale, but the Rogue Squadron jacket is available for $130.  (There’s a whole new collection of Fall/Winter 2011 Star Wars Adidas clothing, but I’m just going to take a look at the Star Wars Adidas shoes.)

Star Wars Adidas Darth Vader Shoes


star wars adidas darth vader shoes


*Heavy Darth Vader breathing.*  We all know that we should join the dark side because they have cookies and cool hair dryers.  What you probably didn’t know was that Darth Vader and the Chancellor are ballin’ in these awesome Darth Vader Adidas shoes.  The Chancellor needed these babies – he just joined a senior basketball league, and he needs a competitive edge.  (Wait – can’t he just shock everybody into submission?  Or is this some kind of “Dark Side Only” senior basketball league.)

Adidas Star Wars Darth Vader Shoes

Star Wars Wampa Adidas Shoes


star wars adidas wampa shoes


Adidas, I am beginning to question your ethics.  How on earth did you get those bloody bones pictured in the backdrop of these Star Wars Wampa shoes?  That would be a crazy huge chicken…  Was that a Nike representative?  BAD ADIDAS!  BAD!  You aren’t supposed to feed the competition to your man-eating beasts!

Adidas Star Wars WAMPA Shoes

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Adidas Shoes


luke skywalker adidas star wars shoes


Skywalker, get you and your lame Light Side Star Wars shoes out of here!  Did you not hear what I said about the Dark Side having cookies?  Party at the Death Star – drinks on my man Vader!  The Light Side doesn’t have anything cool except Mace Windu, who was defenestrated by AN OLD MAN!

Adidas Star Wars Luke Skywalker Shoes

Star Wars Han Solo Adidas Shoes


star wars adidas han solo shoes


I just have to ask this – does the laser pistol come with the shoes?  Because the ugly green shoes would be worth it if you could throw in a Star Wars gun.  Han Solo, I don’t understand how you picked up Luke Skywalker’s sister wearing those things.

Adidas Star Wars Han Solo


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