Nokia N8 Controls Mini RC Cars With New App


Divum, an Indian application developer hired by Nokia, created a piece of software that allows users to control mini remote control cars with their Nokia N8!  This took the developer a mere three weeks to finish, but will surely be a huge hit in the marketplace among geeks.


nokia n8 remote control cars



nokia n8 remote control car app


As you can see in the picture above, the cars that you can control are fairly small.  (Unless you’re the two people shown in the video below, who rigged the smartphone up to control two larger drag race RC cars.)  The Nokia N8 controlling rc cars is just one of many examples of how smartphones are becoming more versatile in terms of interaction with other gadgets.  (The iRemoco RC Helicopter and A.R. Parrot Drone are additional examples of smartphone-controlled remote control vehicles.)

Here’s what Nokia marketing developer Viral Oza had to say aobut smartphone/gadget compatibility:

We believe that smart phones will continue to evolve and enable consumers to communicate with a host of other gadgets and do a lot more with their devices.


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    Toys Iron10-01-2011

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  3. Vera Dast@ Nokia Themes
    Vera Dast@ Nokia Themes01-02-2012

    Wow , cool application .

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