Japanese Ice Spray Is Better Than Cold Water

Japanese ice spray has been around for a while, but just recently has it been discovered by the geeks of America.  One of the most popular brands, Hokokkyu Monogatari, is a blue foam that can be molded into any shape and is super cold.  The only issue I have with these products is the fact that they probably contain carcinogens.  Or alien fetuses.  The last time I touched one of those, my fingers fell off.  On second thought – I think I was chopping vegetables while inebriated.  (Never take a nap next to an open can of paint.)


japanese ice spray


japanese ice spray


I saw a video on Geekologie, posted after the jump,  that showed a kid using Hokokkyu Monogatari and another ice spray.  The second one seems a lot less fun due to the fact that it is not a foam and can’t be molded into random shapes and it probably causes pain.  Negative 9 degrees celsius is colder than the carbonite that trapped Han Solo and Jimi Hendrix.

My title proclaims that Japanese ice spray is better than cold water.  Well, it’s not – you will probably die if you swallow this stuff in excess at all.  I just wanted to get you guys to read my post and subscribe.  Sorry – SUE ME FOR FALSE ADVERTISING AND DIE.



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