24 Interactive iPad Applications – Web Design Challenges

Launch of iPad2 has enabled designers and developers to make applications accordingly in order to capture the attention of targeted audiences. Loads of iPad applications are occupying the web designing market. Amazing designs make the iPad applications inspiring for users.

24 iPad Applications


iPad applications


Here are some powerful designs that go well with iPad applications. Have a glimpse!

Jambalaya (cost $1.99) – It’s an iPad words game that is optimized for IOS 4.2 and gives 25 achievements with four bonuses.


jambalaya ipad app


Globe Convert (cost $0.99) – make the conversions easy with 10 converters and 80 measuring units. You can also convert about 190 currencies with this app.


globe convert app


Montessorium (cost $4.99) – three amazing applications like intro to letters, intro to math and alpha writer. These are specifically helpful for child learning and enhancing their interest in writing and reading.


intro to math ipad applications


Gusto (cost $6.99) – It helps easy downloading of files from SFTP or FTP server.


gusto interactive app


Ego (cost Free) – supports in tracking the statistics of your website by using Google Analytics and Mint.


ego interactive ipad app design


Twitterrific (cost Free) – provides information about hot trends at Twitter and in maintaining history of Twitter searches.


twitterrific ipad applications


Evernote (cost $4.99/month) – Helps making new notes whether in audio or text format.


evernote ipad app


Toopia (cost $0.99) – gives detailed information about weather and weather forecast from 13,000 weather places.


toopia ipad app


Syncnotes (cost $2.99) – you can manage your notes in best manner with this app. You can make the changes to your notes and let the application save them.


syncnotes ipad app design


Layers (cost $5.99) – an art application with complete studio facilities like painting, erasing, smudging, and brushes.


layers ipad app


Masque (cost $3.99) – supports editing photo in whatever way you want. You are also provided with facility of importing photos from social networking websites or from your own iPad.


Masque iPad app


The Photo Cookbook (cost $4.99) – a cooking assistant with more than 80 recipes.


photo cookbook


Things (cost $19.99) – helps managing notes, reminders, and projects.


things ipad app


Comic Zeal (cost $7.99) – load comics and make your well organized iPad comic library.


comic zeal


iDraw (cost $8.99) – best application for drawing and vector illustration.


idraw ipad app


Papers Touch (cost $14.99) – find articles from your library or download from internet with this app.


papers touch ipad app


Game Table (cost $0.99) – virtual games with saving facility at exiting. It offers both card games and board games.


game table ipad


Taska (cost Free) – manage your routine tasks with maintaining “done” lists.


taska ipad app


Sorted (cost $1.99) – Along with helping users in to maintain folder for private files, it serves the function of an efficient reminder.


sorted ipad app


Spreads (cost $3.99) – Excellent with its inventive feed reading format


spreads ipad app


Helvetinote (cost $2.99) – Provides good support in collecting and correcting notes.


helvetinote ipad app


Souchef (cost $7.99) – Helps each step of cooking with its more than 200,000 recopies.


souchef ipad app


Digital Post (cost $2.99) – keeps you equipped with latest news from authenticated news sources.


digital post ipad app


Panefly (cost Free) – an excellent comic iPad library with availability at your own pace.


panefly ipad app


Hope this guide would be helpful to get your best iPad apps.

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