Darth Vader Hair Dryer – No Reproduction, No Problem

Ah, finally!  The product that I’ve been waiting for – the Darth Vader hair dryer!  This gadget is shaped like Vader’s ventilator – it doesn’t include his whole mask, but the resemblance is easy to see.  Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev, whose website layout is amazing, this is great for anyone looking to turn to the dark side of the force.  And even better?  The dark side finally gets to win at something!  The good side of the force wins in the movies, the good side of the force always wins in beer pong, and the good side of the force generally rules the Baggo tournament.

Darth Vader Hair Dryer

darth vader hair dryer


darth vader hair dryer


Another bonus to the Darth Vader hair dryer is that these beauty products do not have the ability to reproduce like the actual Star Wars character.  Thus, Darth Vader cannot have a son, so there is no uprising/”Luke I am your father” deal.  It’s just Darth Vader kicking back and breathing onto your scalp with his respiratory-disease-infested goodness.

I think these guys are on to something.  Maybe we’ll see a R2D2 curler set and a C-3PO curling iron.  Beauty accessories at their finest.  The ideas are endless, don’t you think?

Via: Walyou