9 Awesome Cinemagraphs – They’re Not Videos


Cinemagraphs have made a huge splash on the tech world with their revolutionary style.  (Actually, maybe people got the idea from the Harry Potter movies.)  These moving pictures are similar to GIF’s, but are way more awesome.  They incorporate a small amount of motion into a normal picture through the use of many different frames.  (Kinda like stop-motion, but loads better.) If you’re looking for a good tutorial on how to make a cinemagraph, click on the link.

Tweason’ale Cinemagraphs – Forever Geek




cinemagraph tweasonale


cinemagraph tweasonale


These cinemagraphs, which depict the process of brewing Tweason’ale, are from Forever Geek.  These particular cinemagraphs don’t depict anything especially epic, but they do a good job of accentuating the small movement incorporated into the image.

Barber Shop Cinemagraph




This cool cinemagraph has three points of motion that involve a spinning barber pole.  It reminds me of that terribly-titled terribly-executed terribly-written play called Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  It’s so unrealistic!  *Hands barber cash*  I’ll take a Mickey Mouse shaved into the back of my head, please.  I see that you are trying to go for the “House of Horror” ambience.  I like it – that half-dead guy in the back of the shop adds a great affect.

Chocolate Batter/Ex-Lax Cinemagraph




I really don’t like this cinemagraph – HOW DOES SHE KNOW THAT THAT IS ACTUALLY BROWNIE BATTER?  Just saying.

Cinemagraph of Guy Reading The News


cinemagraphs newspaper


Hahaha!  *Maniacal laughing*  Nobody reads the newspaper anymore!  *Cackling* Why do you think I write a blog instead of a news column?  Fine – it’s because no one will hire me.  They say I’m too “controversial.”  Obviously they have never surfed the internet – controversial articles are the ones that people stumble.  (Fools just read my content to leave hateful comments which I censor and edit to say nice ego-boosting things.)

Cinemagraph of Guy Spraying Lady’s Hair




I think that this is the coolest cinemagraph on the list, but that guy is way to manly to be applying a woman’s hairspray.  Women are becoming so lazy – we have to spray their hair and put the toilet seat down for them.  When do they ever leave the toilet seat up for us?  Shhh… My wife is coming!  I hope she doesn’t read this post…  If I stop posting for a day or two, call the police and hope that I’m not already dead.

Cinemagraph of Really Really Really Long Train




This is a really long train!  I bet that guy trying to get to work got ticked the fifth time the cinemagraph put him back where he was a couple seconds ago.

Never Ending Wine Bottle Cinemagraph




I finally understand why wine is so expensive!  This cinemagraph shows you just how much of that stuff they can fit in a glass.  Now I feel like it’s a great deal!

Movie Cinematographs




movie cinemagraphs


movie cinemagraphs


These awesome movie cinemagraphs are from a blog that has a nonsensical name.  If We Don’t, Remember Me is the title of the blog, and it is stuffed with cinemagraph goodies.  I don’t much like the owner of this site, though, because he says that he hates the term “cinemagraph” and that his works are just GIF’s.  Keep up with the times, dude – be hip.  Old fossils annoy me.

Creepy Kitty Cinemagraph


cinemagraph kitty


I just have to tell you guys that I am not a fan of cats.  At all.  How could I love an animal that prides itself in gouging out peoples’ eyes?  Look at that cinemagraph – the kitty doesn’t even have any pupils!  Bad kitty!  I told you to have pupils and not scare away all of my guests!  I’m going to go play with Joe, my albino rat.  At least he doesn’t give me bad luck!  (He might have SAD, though.)


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