16-Bit Captain America: Twice As Good As 8-Bit


The 16-Bit Captain America game, which is actually called Captain America:  Shield of Justice, is a flash rendition of a classic Captain America game.  Marvel has posted the game on their website in honor of the July 22 release of Captain America: The First Avenger.  It would have made more sense to have the movie released on the 4th of July, but you know actors.  You film half of a movie and they decide to go on a drinking/drug/I’m too cool for work binge and miss eighteen days of filming.  What ever happened to Charlie Sheen?

UPDATE:  Charlie Sheen has lost his “Winning” status and is now stating that he is “Neutral”

UPDATE:  Charlie Sheen is now winning, after scoring a part in the new Spiderman movie, albeit as an old man


16-bit captain america game



16-bit captain america game



Is there any reason that the Captain America guy looks like he’s six?  I wouldn’t be talking, Jack – you look like you’re fifteen.  I AM FIFTEEN, GENIUS.  That shouldn’t be a shock – don’t people read About pages anymore?  This the internet: we are in a day and age where I could be a forty year old man from Arizona and you wouldn’t know it.




*Eyes an online dating site profile picture*  That’s strange… that’s a picture of Kim Kardashian!  I didn’t know that Kenny53482 was one of her online aliases!  Now where do I giver her my address…

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Via:  Marvel – they love dressing people up in spandex and making money by doing so